Guglatech is a highly innovative, Italian brand born from a great passion for motorbikes and mechanics. The company designs, develops, produces and distributes the most advanced fuel filtration systems for motorcycles, scooters, adventure vehicles, boats, and light aircrafts aimed at protecting them from fuel contamination.

In this field, Guglatech is a leading company, thanks to its competence, technical expertise and dedication as well as constant research and development.

Guglatech products are intended for motorbikes, scooters, special 4x4-6x6 vehicles and light aircrafts to protect them from fuel contaminants. Petrol/Diesel Filters for refueling neck mounting, Tank Ventilation Filters, Highly Selective “Adventure” Membranes, Advanced Fuel Filter for in-tank fuel pump applications, Rally Raid and Race Track Kit for KTM LC8 / RC8, KTM 690 (450/530 new series for mono) and Husqvarna 701.

Lab & Real Life Tests

The core of business activity is the testing, experiments and control activities that take place in the “LAB”: mechanical stress, permeability test, residue control, benchmarking, inbound supplies, final product test, design, specific materials and particulates, water and dirt segregation performance.
An amazingly strong bond with the “riders” has created a powerful flow of information, the “Real Life Test” made by customers who give feedbacks and allow Guglatech to continuously improve its products and systems.

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rally-raid and track evolution, when your ktm will forever forget the fuel filter problem.

If you’ve been surfing ad reading some of my posts you must have realised how much there is still to do on YOUR motorbike to make it more realiable, stronger, harder to kill and ready to go around the world and back.

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ktm 990/1190/1290 rc8 fuel pump filter checking/cleaning

How to clean KTM EFI pump fuel filters. the procedure is pretty simple, but there are three factors to evaluate.

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bmw cyclone fuel filter cleaning, for gs/gsa/rt 1200 from 2006 to 2009 models

To keep your fuel system absolutely efficient and top-class working there are some simple steps you can undertake on your own, avoiding expensive shops and spare parts. Here we will see how to mantain, before or after a fuel pump change, a cyclone unit from a R 1200 GS/GSA or RT, models from 2006 to 2009.

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bmw electronic fuel injection over the last 20 years, curious?

The most amazing and beautiful thing in experimenting is that while doing so you learn so many new things, you see and feel on your own skin techniques, theories from the various brand/designers, you can study/analyze different point of views that lead to the various products, you confront results and in the end you try to come up with your own theory about the “why” and the “what” was behind it.

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Lab & Real Life Tests

When you want to make sure that you made the “perfect filter”, the only way is to test, test, test, experiment and check.